About Blue Path Acupuncture
Here at Blue Path Acupuncture, we are experts in the art and science of preventive health. Our specialists in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine take a holistic, whole-body approach to keeping you healthy. We call it the Roots and Branches Theory. Rather than chase the symptoms of an illness –the branches– we look at the body as a whole, and analyze many factors to determine the root cause of your condition. If you line up 10 people with diabetes, Western Medicine will pretty much have the same diagnosis, definition, and treatment plan for each person. These same 10 people in Chinese medicine could each have a completely different diagnosis. It could be dependent on their lifestyle, unique patterns of disharmony in the body, or how they each manifest stress.


We want to educate each person and let them know that through subtle shifts in their own paradigm, a person can create a healthier vibrant life. Healing and health comes from within and we enjoy  educating the public on the right tools for this discovery. Ultimately, once this balanced health has been achieved, we don’t want to see them come back until life throws something in their way to which they may need a little extra help.

Lastly, it is important to us that we unwaveringly adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics.

bio Dr. Lisa Lam, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner
As a health care practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Lisa’s specialty is acute and chronic pain, digestive disorders, stress, fatigue, and internal medicine. Rather then chase signs and symptoms, her goal is to uncover the root cause of an ailment, employing a multi-tiered and integrative approach through means of treating the body, mind and spirit.

Known for her diagnostic skills, nonjudgmental demeanor and effective treatments, Lisa enjoys creating partnerships with her patients to develop the right treatment plans for their specific goals.

While in China, she completed an advanced study at Yue Yang Hospital in Shanghai with a focus on internal medicine and nerve and muscle regeneration.

California Board Acupuncture License: #14825
National Board License #:151189
Masters of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a four year program, from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco
Doctorate completed at Five Branches University, San Jose
Tui na certified (Chinese version of physical therapy)
Clinical internship at Yue Yang Hospital, Shanghai, China
1.5 years shadowing under Dr. Edith Chan with an emphasis on pain, athletes and endocrinology
Under graduate studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.