Acupuncture is based on the belief that everything is interconnected. The mind, body, spirit, and organ systems are all dependent on each other for balance and harmony.
1. You were born with a certain amount of basic energy. Think of this as your genetic material.
2. Every day you bring energy into your body in the form of air, food, and drink.
3. All of this energy (the basic, the air, the food and the drink) gets mingled together and is distributed to every part of your body.
4. That energy does not travel at random. It follows a prescribed course to make sure that every body part gets the energy it needs to function.
5. Acupuncture scholars throughout history have broken this prescribed course of energy down into different pathways, called meridians.
6. Along these meridians, there are specific points where energy tends to collect. These are the acupuncture points.
7. Inserting fine needles into these points will have various effects on the energy as it travels through the meridians.
Of course, this is only a very basic overview of acupuncture theory. For more information, check out our Newsletter Wise and Well.